Diverse bilder från min vardag och lite annat. All photographs in this blog © Bengt Gustafsson, Bengts Bilder.
2007-09-30 21:43 BengtsBilder
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2007-09-30 18:32 BengtsBilder
Today I went to Street ( with my wife to look at Jewellery, a theme market for Jewellery and other assessories. There was an show with models wearing some of the jewellery, ... läs mer..

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2007-09-29 17:05 BengtsBilder
Today I went to Huddinge where they have an outdoor art- and photoexhibition every year.. It's called 1000 meters of art, This year they celebrated a 10 year anniversary. The weather was lousy, ... läs mer..

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2007-09-28 09:29 BengtsBilder
Missed a day again! We had a meeting yesterday in the photoclub ( were I'm a member. A great meeting where we discussed our ongoing exhibition with Stefan F. Lindberg. You can see the ... läs mer..

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2007-09-26 18:33 BengtsBilder
Again from my project This is also entry nr 75 in my blog läs mer..

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