Diverse bilder från min vardag och lite annat. All photographs in this blog © Bengt Gustafsson, Bengts Bilder.

117 Streetphotography


Something on your shoe

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115 B&W Pride

I took some B&W shots during Stockholm Pride March in August. Some I´ve posted before. I had a few minutes while waiting my daughter so I made a few adjustments to some of the pictures.

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107: Streetphotography NYC

  1. This summer I visited USA and of course  had to make a stop in New York. I tried to make some candid street photographs.

    Yellow Cab of course

    Bike rider

    On his waysomewhere

    "I don't care"

    News team

    Photographers at Rockefeller Center

    A great place for a Pizza

    This man tried to sell me a wide angel lens adapter. This shot I tokk with the adapter on. We did buy an extra suitcase in his store.
    We needed it to pack all the things we bought.

    Skyline of course from Rockefeller Center!

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98: Streetphotography

Walking from a building site I saw the gentleman waiting with his dog. 

Snapshot Colorversion

Black & White

and some leaves on the pavement outside our office.

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2007-10-01 "Streetphotography

An old building in contrast with more modern. I grabbed this shot near Tantolunden in Stockholm.
The path passes beside the railwaytracks  heading south of Stockholm.

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